Mountain Zebra National Park : The Park Today

Mountain Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park,
Mountain Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park,

Mountain Zebra National Park : The Park Today

Situated in the Eastern Cape, 12km from the town of Cradock, Mountain Zebra National Park covers 28 386 hectares of land. It is situated on the R61 road, 262km from Port Elizabeth
The Park is located in a transitional area between three biomes: Grassland, Nama Karoo and Albany Thicket, conserving an interesting combination of plant and animal species, as well as important ecological and landscape processes. Climate change, development of conflicting land uses, inappropriate management of large herbivores and fires, present the biggest threats to the Park. 
The highest point in the Park, Bakenkop is 1, 954 metres above mean sea level (AMSL) and the slopes of the Bankberg Mountains are a significant feature in the southern part of the Park. Rainfall averages about 400mm, with 70% falling in the summer months. 
The Wilgerboom River, originating in the southern mountains of the Park and flowing out of the Park on its north-eastern boundary, is the only significant river and an outstanding freshwater feature.  There are a number of freshwater seeps (wetlands) on the southern slopes. Water is also provided for the needs of fauna from boreholes. 
The Park is home to three of the Big Five, a variety of antelope, small mammal and reptile species. With 275 bird species, Mountain Zebra National Park is one of the most diverse birding spots in the Great Karoo environment. 
Gate Times
Main entrance gate is open:
October – April 07h00 – 19h00
May – September 07h00 – 18h00
Restcamp gate is open:
October – April 06h00 – 19h00
May – September 07h00 – 18h00
Late entry and early departure must be booked in advance and are subject to a fee.

Interesting Facts

  • The Park is home to the largest population of Cape mountain zebra in the world.
  • The number of cheetah translocated to other Parks and reserves makes Mountain Zebra National Park the most significant contributor of cheetah to the Cheetah Metapopulation Project in South Africa.
  • The “Big Rock” that rolled down the mountain in 1974 weighs about 22 tonnes and left a scar that is still visible from the restcamp today.
  • Thirteen red data plant species are found in the Park.
  • “The Story of an African Farm” was filmed at Doornhoek Guesthouse.
  • Snow fell in the Restcamp in 2012.

Management and Regulations

All visitors to National Parks are subject to the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act 57 of 2003 as amended, together with any Regulations and Specific Park Rules made in terms of this Act:
Declare firearms at gate. Unsealed firearms are strictly prohibited in the Park. 
Remain in your vehicle at all times, unless in designated areas or lookout points. Exiting your vehicle at designated areas and lookout points is done so at your own risk. 
Remain on designated visitor roads. Do not enter a road that has a NO ENTRY sign.
The speed limit is strictly 40km/h. 
Unmanned aircraft/drones are strictly prohibited in National Parks.
No animals, domestic or otherwise, and plant material (other than firewood), may be brought into the Park.
Do not disturb, feed, remove, pick, destroy, deface or cause damage to any animal, plant or object in the Park. No firewood or kindling may be collected from any area within the park.
DO NOT LITTER, including cigarette butts anywhere in the Park.
Fires are allowed only in designated places. 
No music or noise is allowed in the Park, Restcamp, picnic sites and at swimming pools.
Do not drive or park in such a manner that it is a nuisance, disturbance or an inconvenience to any other person or animal.
Only designated accommodation areas may be used. You may not stay overnight at the Park without the knowledge of the Park Management.
Travel in the Park may only occur during stipulated times during the following months: 1 April to 30 September from 07:00-18:00 and 1 October to 31 March from 06:00-19:00. 
The Main entrance gate opens at 07:00 throughout the year. The Main entrance gate closes at 19:00 from 1 October to 31 March and closes at 18:00 from 1 April to 30 September. The Restcamp gate opens at 06:00 and closes at 19:00 from 1 October to 31 March and opens at 07:00 and closes at 18:00 from 1 April to 30 September. Visitors must ensure that they have exited or entered the gates before gate closing times.
An exit permit is required to exit the Park. Exit permits are obtainable from Reception. Late exits are subject to a R500 penalty.
All visitors to the park are required to fill in their Identity Numbers or Passport Numbers on the SANParks indemnity forms when entering the park.
Only valid Drivers’ Licence holders may drive in the Park.
Only 4x4 vehicles may be used on the designated 4x4 Loop roads.
Only visitors with high clearance vehicles with diff-lock can access the Mountain Cottages. 
Terms and conditions apply to guided activities.
No person shall fail to comply with lawful instructions issued by Park officials.
Visitors taking part in Guided Activities must sign an indemnity form before undertaking the activity.
Children younger than 6 years old may not take part in Guided Game Drives or Guided trip to San Paintings. Children younger than 12 years old may not take part in Guided Walks, Cheetah Tracking or Salpeterskop Hike.
Adults older than 65 years may not take part in Guided Walks, Cheetah Tracking or Salpeterskop Hike without a doctor's certificate stating that the person is medically fit to undertake such a hike in rugged terrain.
Visitors undertaking the following Guided Activities: Guided Walk, Cheetah Tracking and Salpeterskop Hike must have a reasonable level of fitness and must inform the guide of any medical conditions before taking part in the activity. The guide has the right to refuse to include any person on a guided activity if there is a doubt as to whether the person is physically able to complete the activity.
Mountain Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park, Zebra National Park,